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Home for the Holidays...And Every Day.

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With many of our housing programs in Lower Manhattan, Hurricane Sandy hit Community Access extremely hard. But it also underscored how resilient New Yorkers are in response to a crisis.

Take the examples of Gouverneur Court residents Anthony Lucas and Lillian Harrison – Community Access tenants for 11 and 18 years, respectively. With the basement of their building flooded, and the rest of it without heat and electricity for close to a week, they refused to buckle under pressure.

Anthony (left) enjoys homemade food the night after Sandy hit – generously delivered by local chef and restauranteur Luca Manfe and his wife Cate (right).

Says Anthony, “even though it was a nightmare, totally dark, miserable, and cold, I was so proud to see us all help each other out.” “The staff did an excellent job,” Anthony continues, “including two front desk staff who stayed Monday through Thursday, to make sure everyone had what they needed.” Candles and flashlights were the order of the day.  And mealtimes took on a whole different flavor. “I got through a lot of tuna fish and peanut butter, but we also came together to cook what we could on a hot-plate – sharing freezer food.”

Lillian looking out over the East River - which flooded Gouverneur Court's basement during Hurricane Sandy, up to a height of four feet.

Lillian also recalls “groups of us listening to music on a battery-operated radio” – typical, she says, of a “building full of friends and familiar faces, where there’s always someone to talk to.”

Thank goodness, after everything, Anthony, Lillian, and all our other tenants can still be in that most wonderful of places: home for the holidays. The clean up after Sandy will continue for a long time to come but, in the meantime, we can all take a moment to stop and count our blessings.

Says Lillian, “Community Access has provided a safe, clean home for me, where I feel loved and wanted. They truly care.”

And Anthony, “Moving to Gouverneur Court in 2001 was a huge positive change in my life, and I’m so grateful to have my own place.  Happy holidays!”


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