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New York Times Features Community Access

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I’m delighted to share with you this New York Times article on supportive housing that highlights Community Access’ restoration of the old Gouverneur Hospital, now called Gouverneur Court:


(Also available to read here on the New York Times website.)

As I mention in the article, the people we help were excluded from mainstream housing, which meant that social workers and community organizers had to figure out how to meet this crucial need. As "accidental developers," I think my colleagues and I in the supportive housing world have done a pretty good job. At Community Access alone, thanks to your support, over 1,100 people will be sleeping in their own homes tonight.

Some more good news, in case you missed one of the many e-blasts – we're holding our first "active" event on October 13: Race for Our Community. You can participate as a runner, walker, or dog walker (a first!). Or just show up at noon for a street party in front of our office at 2 Washington Street (NY 10004).

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