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Welcome to the All New Community Access Blog!

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Here’s the thing. Community Access either owns or operates over 20 buildings and 60 scattered site apartments throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. We have a youth program a few long home-runs away from Yankee Stadium, a job training center in the busy middle bit of Harlem, a mental health program for adults roughly four blocks from the East River near Williamsburg Bridge, an art workshop several blocks south of that, and a Pet Access initiative that promotes the many and varied benefits of responsible pet ownership.

That’s a whole lot of stuff going on, isn’t it? And pretty much just listing it all has taken me about 100 words to write, and you, what, about half-a-minute or so to read (not counting any time you might have saved by skimming – nothing personal, I know… just that you’re busy, and I really should be cutting to the chase round about now, instead of all this ambling).

The question is: how does such a big and widespread organization share the motley highlights of its work? The how, where, and why Community Access makes NYC an even better place to call “home” – from tenant stories to program updates, via info about special events, community gatherings, and much else besides.

Well, *here* is one way how. Welcome to the new and improved Community Access blog! Similar, at first glance, to a blog we’ve already had up and running, but, in fact, a corner of our website that now offers more and better ways for you to keep informed, get involved, and lead the conversation. As follows:

1. More writers. More topics. More often.

Over time, you’ll get to hear more and more perspectives on what CA is doingby the people doing it and as it’s happening.


2. Comments and Discussion.

Have your say, any time you want (well, ok, as long as you’re respectful and polite).


3. Sharing…

Share blog posts with family and friends on your own Facebook and Twitter pages with just one click of the mouse...


4. …and Following.

…and easily click through to other parts of the web where CA can be found.


5. Plus an Archive that Works Like a Library

Browse through old blog posts, conveniently archived both by subject and by date.


…All of which, of course, is a longer way of saying, please bookmark and then keep on dropping by! You’ll always be welcome, and we’ll always be glad to hear from you.

(Meantime, feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you’ve any blog-related questions, or ideas for future posts.)

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  1. Good evening!
    I must say this is very refreshing1 This is the first time I have seen a human services agency take such pride in thier website's appearance. I really love the whole blog. It kind of gives me an insight into the whole agency, the mission, and how the clients are assisted. I get to see more than just a picture and a quote. I also love that the staff that assists in making the agecny what it is gets a chance to voice their views and opinions. I would love to obtain more information on how to become a part of such a wonderful place to work.
  2. when will the art coalition be open again? I assume it closed due to the storm.

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